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How To Find The Best Residential Roofer 

There are two types of roofers, those that specialize in residential roofs and those that specialize in commercial roofs. Roofers that specialize in commercial roofs do so because they do not have to encounter residential homeowners. 

Another reason is that commercial roofing jobs are larger enabling them to make more money per job. Many commercial roofers repair roofs that use corrugated sheet metal as long as 40 feet. Most often, t
hese buildings have a metal structure and don't need special rafters. However, this is not true of all commercial structures. 

Residential roofers specialize in homes with various types of roofs. Homeowners can contact these roofers to get bids on repairs or new construction. If your roof needs repaired there are several types of roofing materials that can be used to repair your roof. The only way to determine exactly what material is right for your roof is to have a residential roofer come and evaluate your roof.

Many homeowners have their roofs repaired with the same material that the roof is made out of. However, there are times when a residential roofer will advise you to have your roof repaired with a different material to make the roof stronger thus extending the life of your roof. However, if your roof is made from asphalt shingles, then it is highly advised to repair the roof with asphalt shingles.
You can upgrade to asphalt shingles of a higher quality than the ones on your roof. This is the best way to slowly replace lower quality shingles with higher quality shingles again extending the life of your roof. Newer higher quality asphalt shingles can also make your roof look like a shaker roof. 

If you are considering changing the material of your roof, you should consult a residential roofer. For example, if you want a concrete tile roof, the existing structure may not support the weight of these types of tiles. At this point a residential roofer will advise you to have the underlying structure built up to support the added weight. However, keep in mind that this process can be very expensive. The same is also true with other roofing materials such as the eco green that covers the roof with living vegetation. 
If your roof is already constructed of concrete tiles, then that warranty will cover your roof years longer than any other roofing materials warranty. This type of roof is also cost effective since the only time a repair is needed is if one of the tiles breaks or is damaged by an act of nature such as lightening. 

The Most Common Commercial And Residential Roofing Problems

There are many roofing problems that can occur whether you have a commercial or residential roof. When these problems occur you need to hire a contractor or company this is experienced and knowledgeable in roofing repairs. Be sure to hire a contractor or company that you can trust and knows exactly what type of materials to use for your roof.

Common commercial roofing problems can be improper installation of pitch fans which allows water to run down pipes finding its way inside your building. Vent caps that have blown off from windy conditions. Commercial roofs can develop leaks from mortar joints which have not been properly maintained. Mortar can become aged and cracked which again allows water inside your building. If your commercial building has brick walls be sure they are properly maintained to prevent the chipping and cracking of the mortar as well as the bricks. These are some of the most common problems that can occur with commercial roofs. Before hiring a commercial roofing contractor or company, be sure they are experienced at knowing exactly what materials to use to repair some of these more common problems.

Before hiring any commercial roofer consult a commercial roofing specialist that is knowledgeable in the type of building and commercial roof you have for your business. They will guide you through the process of hiring the commercial roofer that is best suited for your needs.

When searching for a residential roofer be sure they have the experience and knowledge necessary to repair some of the more common roofing problems. One of the most common roofing problems occur during installation of items such as satellite mounts. The nail holes from installing the mounts can let water inside your home.

Other common problems that can occur with residential roofs is shingle damage resulting from the installation of gutter leaf guards. Flashing that is not properly installed also lets water leak into your home. Anytime your have any remodeling done in your home such as venting or plumbing can also cause damage to your roof. Weather is the most common factor for roof damage such as hail storms, lightening strikes, and snow and ice build up can cause structural damage to the roof. When hiring a roofing contractor be sure they have the knowledge and experience behind them to know which materials or coatings to use to properly repair damage from any of these problems.