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Concrete Driveway Guide



Concrete driveways are one of the most popular forms of driveway. There are very good reasons for this. For one thing concrete is a very durable material and doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Another advantage is it is quite versatile and offers several different decorative options to give your concrete driveway an interesting appearance.

Before hiring a contractor to pour your concrete driveway you need to have a plan first. Many homeowners overlook this, but remember that your driveway provides the entrance to your home as well as a place to park your vehicles. It is something that lasts for twenty years or more, so it is an important feature of your home.

It is important that your concrete driveway is properly designed to make sure you don't encounter any problems in the future. The design of your driveway will depend on the location of your house as well as your individual needs such as how many vehicles you want to be able to park in the driveway. If your house sets back from the road, a single car driveway which expands near the house so that it can accommodate two cars might be what you want. Or you may want the entire driveway to be wide enough for two cars. Concrete driveways are very flexible in that they can be poured into any shape or size. Another feature you can consider if it fits in with your house is having a curved driveway to enhance your outdoor landscaping as well as your curb appeal.

Always be sure to use high quality materials for your concrete driveway or walkway. Professional standards are to use at least five sacks cement for every cubic yard or if using a compressive strength cement it should be at least 2800 PSI. Concrete should be poured onto a surface that is well compacted and should be at least four inches thick. Expansion joints need to placed so that sections of concrete are not more than 150 square feet.

The cost of installing a concrete driveway can vary depending on your location. San Diego concrete may be more expensive than say, Wisconsin concrete. Concrete does tend to be less expensive than cobblestone, brick or pavers, but more expensive than asphalt, gravel or a generic stone. Overall a concrete driveway is very durable, does not require a lot of maintenance and is reasonably priced.

One way of adding interest to your concrete driveway is to add decorative elements such as a stain, stamp or other type of finish. Concrete driveways, as well as walkways, can be finished so they resemble stone or can be given unique patterns or textures to add a decorative interest to your driveway. You can decorate your driveway to enhance your landscaping or the exterior features of your house to give your home a very distinct and appealing look.

As you can see, concrete driveways offer the homeowner several advantages. They are durable, moderately priced, require little maintenance, and even offer decorative options to enhance the look and curb appeal of your home.